*NOTE: I no Longer Live in the Chicagoland Area.
I Now Reside in the Greater Seattle Area.
I am in the Kitsap/Mason county Area.

I Am sorry My pets...

Within this Domain you will find a place to Become yourself. A place where you can Trust that there will be No Judgments made. A place where you can Finally find what you are looking for.
Before you attempt to contact Me, you will read All of the information contained herein so there will be no miscommunication on your part.

You may call between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday
Do Not for One Minute Believe that I am a Quick Fix.
Unless I have Known you For Years, I Do Not Do Same Day Appointments.
Aproximate Wait time is 1-2 Weeks
We Must Be Comfortable with Each Other. Please state the name you wish to go by upon initial contact. 

Mission Statement

I receive pleasure from delving into the psyche of and individual. I
delight in the unique qualities within. I visualize what, if anything is
offered and if I should like to expand on it. I determine if we can fill a
spot for each other... or not.

I have an unparalleled ability to explore each psyche and assist in
drawing out what is the true self. I treasure the trust and faith in Me
that is required to allow Me to take you to your limits and bring you back

What I offer is Rather Unique, as it is a fulfillment of Mental and Emotional gratification. The
realization and acceptance of a part of you that you Cannot, Would Not
and perhaps, Should not express to others. The part of you that just wants
to be there, to Surrender Completely. Knowing there is always respect, yet
putting utter faith in My Skills to help Overcome the stress of the daily
grind that Ties you Up in Knots.

My physical description -
 I am 5'5" tall, I have short dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a curvy build with a medium bust line and I am 53 years young. The Basics  -
I enjoy the Psychological end of Domination immensely, Communication is Essential, I am a Perfectionist, I seek Mental and Emotional Satisfaction for both parties. Safety and Security are of Utmost Importance. Getting into the proper Head Space is a Must. I Cater to Novices as well as those who consider themselves 'old hat' .

My Personal Style ranges from gentle understanding of the nervous novice to extreme explorations with the experienced.
I can Seductively Tease or Completely Humiliate my subjects.
My Ability to 'see' into a person is a Unique strong point.
I Enjoy role play, educating, and spinning fantasies. For Me the Psychological aspect of Domination is Fascinating.

My Rules & Expectations

  When you make initial contact with Me, state your name so that I Do Not have to make a Point of asking you.

  I consider Myself a 'lifestyle' Domme as I have been doing this in My Private Life for over 40 years.
What I have or have not done as a profession in My past or My present is none of your concern.
I have had several past professions that Allow Me to Integrate many of the different aspects of Domination into each Session.

  My Manner is Extremely Dominant and Controlling without being Cold or Harsh, Unless That is what you Need.
you Must be a Genuine submissive, who can Display a True Desire to Please, Serve, Obey and Surrender your Control to Me. 
you MUST also Demonstrate a Willingness to learn all that I have to teach you.

  I am very Demanding. I will Consistently Challenge you to Rise to and Meet My High Standards.
I am responsible, clean, healthy and extremely discreet.
I will Always be Respectful of your time and limits and I Insist upon the same from you.



Note: I Do Not live in Chicago.
I now live in Washington State.
However, I Am Willing to Travel...
Under the Proper Circumstances.

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